Welcome to DROPS - Dropout Prevention in Schools
The COMENIUS REGIO partnership between 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) and Berlin-Neukölln (Germany).

This website gives an overview of our project activities regarding the problem of dropout/early school leaving. Between 2009 and 2011 both regions were working together to find examples of good practice, new ideas and answers.

The poject ended in summer 2011.
Finally we present you the project booklet for free download:

The DROPS toolbox!

With this booklet we would like you to share in our project, which ended in summer 2011. For two years we have worked intensively on the topic of dropout prevention, sharing our experiences and looking at the problem from as many different ways as possible.
Two school administrations, four schools and three non-school organisations from two regions in two countries came together. By looking beyond the work they had been doing in their own countries they were able to gain new perspectives and, at the same time, to share their own working methods with other participants. On a regional level we formed new networks and further developed old ones. We observed and experienced good practice.
Here we have put together the twenty examples of good practice from the two regions which we think deserve particular recognition.