Second project meeting in 's-Hertogenbosch (April 2010)

Angelika Prase-Mansmann, Renate Lecke, Detlef Pawollek, Thomas Rzesnik, Alfred Kleinert, Songül Aslan and Marco Schroeder visited 's-Hertogenbosch. After the Dutch visit to Berlin this time the well prepared programme was a mixture of short study visits and job shadowing.

The German partners received a very warm welcome on arrival and throughout their visit they were very impressed by the hospitality showed them by their hosts. Every participant commented on how much they enjoyed the warm, open-minded atmosphere and the friendly conversations while visiting schools and at mealtimes.

The guests were able to get an overview of the school system in the Netherlands, of how leaving qualifications worked, of the role of the municipality and of the cooperation between the institutions and had a brief introduction to Dutch education laws. They visited two schools, namely De Rietlanden and Hervion College where interest focused on the measures put in place by the school to target truancy. A number of pedagogic concepts were discussed for this issue and the partners also learned about the challenges the staff face when working with children with autism and other learning difficulties. Again, it was through this exchange of experiences, that the German partners were able to gain a number of insights which they will be able to put to use in their own work.