Fourth project meeting in 's-Hertogenbosch (March 2011)

Again, the general impression was one of a very warm atmosphere. The visitors received a friendly welcome and continued to be impressed by their Dutch colleagues’ commitment to improving dropout rates in schools. The visitors’ responses to Koning Willem I College depended on the area they worked in, but were all positive.

The guests mentioned the approach to improving dropout rates as one which gave a high level of responsibility to the students, the friendly school atmosphere despite its size, the organisation of the school, the network of all its different sections, the effective teamwork of the staff, parents and accompanying institutions, the effective working methods and the sense of a real working ethos at the school.
After this second visit the German partners really felt that they could critically reflect on their own work and on how reintegra-tion of school dropouts is achieved in their own country. The visitors agreed that there was a lot to be learned from the Dutch example, with particular regard to the teamwork of the different individuals and professionals.