Good practice

One of the main goals of the exchange was to develop a toolbox which would help with the early recognition and reduction of students at risk of dropping out of school. Through an exchange of experiences, a comparison of different approaches and a compilation of examples of good practice it was possible to fill this toolbox with partners and organisations who work to reduce school truancy and dropout-rates, possible measures to help achieve these aims as well as other useful information and checklists. It should offer an important means to improve the networking of regional institutions who deal with dropout problems.

All partners agree that the experiences cannot simply be directly applied to new situations and con-texts but that it is necessary to adapt them. The toolbox should therefore be transferable to different contexts; not only applicable to the situations of the participating project partners. It is difficult to know which experiences and results will be useful in another European country or region. However, the toolbox provides a starting point for the improvement of dealing with dropout prevention in schools and this is the main reason why it is published at the end of the project and is available for all interested stakeholders.

The DROPS toolbox
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